<b>Baisarov Ruslan </b>
Baisarov Ruslan

Ruslan Baisarov is a Russian businessman in the construction and oil and gas industries. Read about Baysarov’s early life and education and find out more about his business interests over the years.

Ruslan Baisarov

Ruslan Baisarov is the owner and general director of JSC Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation (JSC TEPK, formerly CJSC TEPK) since 2011. In 2016 he became controlling shareholder and chairman of the board of directors of MOST, one of the largest Russian construction companies.


In 2018, Forbes magazine placed him at number 118 on its list of the 200 richest entrepreneurs in Russia.


Ruslan Baysarov is a Russian businessman of Chechen origin. After graduating from school, Ruslan Baysarov entered the Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering. In 1986, his studies were cut short when he was drafted. After serving his time in the military, Baisarov transferred and graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Economics at the Millionshchikov State Oil Technical University in Grozny. In 2001, he graduated from Moscow State University with a master's degree in sociology.

In 2018, Ruslan Baysarov was awarded a Candidate of Technical Sciences degree.

Business Activities

Baysarov got his start in business selling computers when he was still a student. In the 1990s, he began acquiring assets and developing projects in the entertainment sector. Baisarov hobnobs with many members of the jet set and cooperates with some of them in business ventures.

At the turn of the century, Baysarov changed the scope of activities. He went into the business of refining oil and entered the board of directors of the Russian Fuel Union. After becoming acquainted with Moscow Oil Company President Shalva Chigirinsky, Baysarov became the company’s vice president. One of Baisarov's most important innovative achievements was promoting an electronic fuel-consumption calculation system. Baysarov’s processing companies serviced not only gas stations of the Moscow Fuel Company, but also a number of public-sector entities, including state-owned institutions.

TEPK Management

In 2011, Baisarov became the head of the Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation. Since then, he has focused on developing the Elegest coal mine, a strategically important project.

The Ulug-Khem coal basin, where Elegest is located, has long been known for its high-quality coking coal deposits. Because reserves of other coal deposits in the country are being depleted, the development of the coal industry in these parts is considered a matter of national importance.

The conceptual plan for the mine that was put forward by Baysarov takes into account all the nuances: the quality of the coal, the particular features of its location, and the infrastructure problems of the region. According to the Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation's plan, which was adopted as the basis for practical implementation, three main facilities will be built to create a full-fledged cluster for the extraction and transportation of coal. The first and most important is the construction of the Elegest-Kyzyl-Kuragino railway, where a modern mining and processing complex will also be built. A special coal terminal will be built in one of the ports of Khabarovsk Krai.

The company's approach to logistics involved in the project is based on multimodality. The coal from the processing plant will be transported by rail to the main transportation routes of Eastern Siberia and will make its way from there to ports, before being sent to consumers by sea.

The total cost of the Elegest development project is estimated by Baysarov to be more than 360 billion rubles. About 200 billion rubles of the total amount will be invested in railroad track. The annual capacity of the factory, according to preliminary estimates, will be 15 million t of coal.

Baisarov's investments will generate thousands of new jobs. Public-private partnerships, specifically through a concession agreement, will help implement the project. Since the spring of 2018, the concessionaire of the Elegest–Kyzyl–Kuragino project is a TEPK subsidiary. Russian Railways has been given the task of constructing the road. After signing an agreement between the concessionaire and the carrier in March 2019, TEPK began financing its construction. Baysarov’s project has a promising export value, which in the end will help Russia occupy an important place in the coal market that is being created due to new economic and geopolitical realities. The main trend in recent years is a shift of the center of the international coal market towards the Asia-Pacific region.

The discovery of Tyva deposits brings the development of Russian coal geographically closer to its client base. According to Baisarov, in the next ten years, Eastern Siberia’s share in coal mining will increase by over 10%.


Baysarov is married with six children.

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